World Paper Bag Day

At Baalyaa School, World Paper Bag Day was celebrated. Students prepared paper bags to spread the message of “Say no to plastic” during the online program. On this occasion, the principal informed the students that every year on July 12th, the world celebrates World Paper Bag Day (or Paper Bag Day) to encourage people to use paper bags instead of plastic bags on a daily basis. The decomposition of plastic garbage takes thousands of years. As a result, it’s essential to consider the negative effects of single-use plastic bags. She encouraged all of the students to carry their belongings in paper bags rather than plastic bags.

Paper bags are made from renewable raw materials, are recyclable and biodegradable. No doubt they are strong and are used on almost all occasions. Several people are using bags every day made up of paper that helps in curbing environmental pollution. Due to globalization, climate change, and scarcity of raw materials people are adopting sustainable lifestyle choices, and paper bag is one of them. It reduces the use of plastic bag which causes pollution and are non-biodegradable.

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