Welcome to BAALYAA

BAALYAA SCHOOL makes all efforts to promote a friendly and happy atmosphere to facilitate better learning for our students.

— Pass Percentage: 100.0%

— Annual Celebrations: 18

— Student to the teacher is 20:1

— Student till date: 2,064

Founder Vision & Mission

Preparing each student to succeed in a rapidly changing world.Our Mission is to provide a congenial & safe environment to foster our students holistically into empowered, compassionate, skilled global citizens who will take our country to greater heights.We empower students to take ownership and responsibility for their present and future learning by developing their academic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and technological skills


The curriculum is a skills-focused programme that provides students with a broad and balanced knowledge of key subjects, as well as effective critical thinking and communication skills. Explore how we equip our students for further academic studies.

NCERT curriculum, Activity-based learning, Life Skills education, Sports, Dance and Field trips. English is the medium of instruction. Other languages offered are Tamil and Hindi.


Our top quality facilities give our students and school community a brilliant environment to learn, socialise and thrive such as state-of-the-art auditorium, science and physics laboratories, art studio, food technology studio, school natural garden, craft centres, theatre space, and urban classroom areas.

The School library is a welcoming place for studying as well as reading.The library encourages the love of reading and the development of student’s independent learning skills.
The school building was designed keeping in mind the ventilation in each classroom. Broad staircases, wide corridors and spacious classrooms are some of the key features of the building which make it safe and easy to access. Adequate toilets, drinking water facility one each floor helps students return to their classes faster.
Our sports curriculum is planned and designed for students to develop and enhance skills like strength, speed, endurance, agility, flexibility, control, balance etc. Sports today has also evolved as a form of entertainment and also offers promising careers.
A school counsellor helps children in all ways, be it academic, social, behavioural or emotional. They work in collaboration with the teachers, parents and special educators to create a healthy learning environment that makes them feel comfortable. They also help to provide specific solutions to children with particular problems.


Explore the students experience

“ In the past 6 months, I’ve seen a tremendous amount of improvement in my son and if there is one reason I could attribute to it, it is Baalyaa school. While the biggest change that I’ve noticed was with his academics, he has also started to speak and behave more confidently. Some things in specific that I noticed was unlike any other school he has studied in, teachers do not yell or scold students and the teacher to student ratio is great. Even during the pandemic, the school and its teachers had a perfect balance of usage of technology and traditional tools to better get the students to focus and study.”



“I chose Baalyaa two years ago for my daughters Medha (Grade 8) and Mahi (Grade 5) with high expectations of getting the best possible education as well as exposure to extra-curricular activities. I am not disappointed at all. Baalyaa has delivered more than my expectations. The amount of importance laid on sports activities, which has become a dream in chennai schools is indeed commendable. The staff is very caring, professional and responsible. Thanks to the management.”



“Baalyaa is one of the most innovative schools in Chennai. The staff is very cooperative and helpful. The school has a balanced approach towards co-curricular and academics. I personally like my son’s teacher who has an excellent approach towards her teaching practices. The school offers a curriculum which is definitely a better model of teaching these days.”



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In the Classroom



The school follows the education policy and the structure as approved by the Ministry Of Education, Government Of India

The school emphasizes imparting an informed knowledge to its students, incorporating practical activities, and creating a conducive atmosphere where the pupil’s natural desire to learn is developed.

The school operates as regular and as well as structured online mode with no let down on pedagogy

Baalyaa School is accredited by Govt. of Tamil Nadu (order number – 07/047/2005) until class V and by Central Board of Education –NIOS, Ministry of Education, Govt. of India (OB1905315) from class I to VIII through Secondary levels (class IX to XII) as per National Education Policy structure. At the secondary levels, choice of subjects is facilitated with direct admission to the Board as per age criteria.